One of my important habits is keeping lists of items that I desire to remember and share. The most important of these is my list of good ideas. My ‘09 science fair project was one of its items. The algorithm and FPGA microarchitecture that I designed, tested and submitted to Intel is one of its items. And many of my various web sites and web businesses were all once just ideas I noted in this monolithic compendium. It is now over 1800 entries long and growing, and it has transcended the label “list” – it is a complex interconnected and annotated web. Items are tagged by standard keywords denoting their class and magnitude, and I have noted emerging patterns and critical relationships between entries. This organization facilitates lookup (I group synonyms and potential keywords) and prompts my brain to make novel connections and further expand the web. At this point, ideas even seem to emerge on their own – they have achieved a sort of critical mass. As I look through my notes and am prompted to new invention, I almost feel as if I am merely transcribing connections made by an independent consciousness that has miraculously arisen within my text-only Google Document.