In this section, input the series of questions, interests, etc. you followed to get to what you're into now!

CuriosityThread -- Site that shows the chain of questions/interests a person asked/followed to gain the knowledge/passion they have. Perhaps to partially populate this site, Wikipedia could track threads of browsing, and scrolling. Subsequently, tutorials (even a textbook!) customized to the curiosity profiles of different people could be made of it? Relatedly, creating a web database of the series of questions bright students ask could be extremely powerful. I would love, for instance, to have documentation of the series of questions one of my friends asked over the course of his life to ultimately gain the knowledge to get gold at the International Chemistry Olympiad. ~



"It's wonderful that you enjoy math so much, and I can most WARMLY recommend to you to always keep that up regardless of what type of research you pursue. Math and physics are much more linear than biology or chemistry -- in the sense that you need to finish learning the early and middle stages first before you can tackle advanced material, while in biology it is much easier to jump around between topics and areas. Therefore, it is extremely valuable to pursue the mathematical foundations patiently and consistently year by year & be well-prepared when they become practically relevant to your work! Calculus, differential equations, nonlinear dynamics, linear algebra, probability and statistics are all areas where almost everyone should get to (post-)college level -- the sooner the better! :-)" ~Adrian Slusarczyk