They are giving you a blank slate to have fun and write what you care about.
" giving ourselves these constrictions that guide our impulses it funnels our creative process into some kind of product...within [the rules] I'm free to improvise. " ~Dave Morris, TEDxVictoria - Dave Morris: The Way of Improvisation

Fun with Stanford roommate essay

Virtually all of Stanford’s undergraduates live on campus. What would you want your future roommate to know about you? Tell us something about you that will help your future roommate and us know you better.
I’m a marked man…
WANTED (hopefully by Stanford): Jacob Cole alias “J-Dog,” “Comp-Sci Guy!”
ARMED & DANGEROUS: •Packs a pen (mightier than sword) •Known to carry a concealed yoyo •Rubik’s Cube-toting •Prone to pun without provocation •Wont to wax poetic without warning •Practices karate katas in shower
CRIMES: •Grand theft cookie •Suspected bibliophile •Agitating for freedom of information •Treason against Microsoft: fomenting the Linux insurgency •Concocting, then trafficking open-source software without a license agreement •Impersonating Hamlet •Flagrantly sporting mismatched socks •Crashing Firefox by opening >40 tabs of Web 2.0 apps, LOLCats, Stanford Open Courseware, GMail chats, Greek relief sculptures, etc. •Curfew violations: discussing cool ideas with roommates late into night •Subversive strategies in robotics competitions, causing judges to change rules •Samosa smuggling
ACCOMPLICES: •Intercontinental cadre of co-conspirators skulk at Stanford, Whatchamacallit Inst. of Technology, “Stanford of the East,” Ivory-bridge etc. Dangerous network of masterminds. You may be assimilated. •Other agents stake out remote surf breaks, national parks, snowboard slopes
AT LARGE: •Identifying features: overstuffed backpack, bulging laptop case, shorts, flip-flops •Nighttime prowler of XKCD forums •Sighted at Fresh Choice, dim sum joints, and near health food stores (munching granola and fair-trade dark chocolate). May also be found at McDonalds, but only for the free wi-fi. •Last seen: Dropping into a barreling wave at Torrey Pines State Beach on his shortboard
REWARD: •Free tech support •Gratifying and enduring friendship
Should you encounter this rapscallion, immediately report to nearest admissions officer.