I met an awesome kid with ADHD yesterday and he was a bit concerned about it. I proceeded to tell him some of the unique opportunities there are to channel given his situation.With the hyper distractability also comes hyper obsession with interests
I told him that tony hawk had ADHD and got all his twitchiness out via skateboarding
I told him that I know how to teach twitchy obsessive people; i'm one of them (minus adhd). I know what to do with people like him (unlike super passive people. ionno how to teach them)
I told him that many of the best hackers have ADHD
I told him to channel his vast energy and capacity to become obsessed with things to become obsessed with the right things. That's what I did when I was little to get into body tricks like wiggling ears independently, tongue tricks, hand whistling, rubik's cubing
I suggested tai chi -- if you're distractable, you gain benefit and energy/focus boost from it even faster
I told him to keep asking his great questions about psychology and science, and to keep pursuing the exploration of his mind (have fun pretending psychic powers as a gateway to meditation)

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